Program 2006

Monday, September 24, 2007
6:00 PM Registration - The Inn on Lake Superior (Northern Lights Room)
7:00 PM Social - The Inn on Lake Superior (Northern Lights Room)

Tuesday, September 25 - Northern Lights 2 Room
Chemical Categories and Predictive Toxicology
9:00 AM Welcome
Vince Magnuson, Vice Chancellor, UMD
9:10 AM Strategic Testing in REACH - A Testing Paradigm Shift
Kees van Leeuwen, TNO Quality of Life
9:50 AM New Approaches in Hazard Identification
Peter Robinson, Environment Canada
10:15 AM Categories, QSAR and Hazard Identification
Gilman Veith, International QSAR Foundation
10:30 AM Coffee Break
10:45 AM U.S. EPA Experiences Using Category Approaches
Tala Henry, U.S. EPA, OPPT
11:30 AM OECD Toolbox for Forming Mechanistic Categories
Ovanes Mekenyan, LMC-Bourgas University
12:00 AM Predicting Estrogen Receptor Binding within Categories
Rick Kolanczyk, U.S. EPA MED-Duluth
12:30 AM Lunch (catered)

New Reference Points for Hazard Identification
1:30 PM Selective, Nonspecific and Receptor-Based Toxicity
Terry Schultz, The University of Tennessee
2:15 PM Narcosis as a Nonspecific Reference for Identifying Hazards
Gilman Veith, International QSAR Foundation
2:45 PM Solubility and Fugacity as Toxicity Baselines
Don Mackay, Trent University
3:15 PM Coffee Break
3:45 PM Dose-Response for Neurological Effects of Narcotics
Philip Bushnell, U.S. EPA (NHEERL)
4:15 PM Dose-Response for Reproductive Effects of ER Binders
Pat Schmieder, U.S. EPA MED-Duluth
5:15 PM Adjourn
6:30 PM Dinner at the Great Lakes Aquarium (catered)

Wednesday, September 26 - Eagle Harbor Room
Using Systems Approaches to Strategic Testing
9:00 AM Toxicity Pathways as an Organizing Concept
Group Discussion
10:15 AM Coffee Break
10:45 AM Overview of System Biology and Mechanisms
Rory Conolly, U.S. EPA/NCCT
11:15 AM Protein Structure in Molecular Systems Biology
David Sheehan, Dept. Biochemistry, University College Cork
12:00 AM Lunch

Systems Approaches (continued)
1:00 PM Bioinformatics for Large "omic" Databases
Imran Shah, U.S. EPA/NCCT
1:30 PM Systems Biology in Small Fish Models
Dan Villeneuve, U.S. EPA MED-Duluth
2:15 PM System Biology in Amphibian Models
John Nichols, U.S. EPA MED-Duluth
3:00 PM Coffee Break
3:30 PM Bridging from Individuals to Populations
Matt Etterson, U.S. EPA MED-Duluth
4:15 PM Opportunities for Strategic Planning using Systems Models
Gary Ankley, U.S. EPA MED-Duluth
5:00 PM Adjourn
7:00 PM Dinner in Small Groups

Thursday, September 27- Eagle Harbor Room
Discussions on Potency, Hazard and Classification
9:00 AM Classification of Chemicals by Fugacity-Normalized Toxicity
Jon Arnot, Trent University
9:30 AM Hazard Identification using Acute/Chronic Effects Ratios
Terry Schultz, The University of Tennessee
9:50 AM Predicting Hazards from Extended Fragments
Al Leo, BioByte Corporation
10:15 AM Coffee Break
10:45 AM Defining Reproductive or Neurological Hazards
Pat Schmieder/Phil Bushnell, U.S. EPA
11:15 AM Summary and Next Steps
Gilman Veith, International QSAR Foundation
12:00 AM Adjourn - Lunch in Small Groups and Head to the Airport

Special QSAR Toolbox Training Session
1:00 PM Installing Toolbox on Trainee Laptops - Laboratory of Mathematical Chemistry
Please check recommended system requirements for the installation here
2:00 PM Training Session for QSAR Application Toolbox
Ovanes Mekenyan
  • Work-Flow Patterns in the Toolbox
  • Creating knowledge-based categories
  • Interfacing with proprietary databases
5:00 PM Adjourn

Friday, September 28 - Eagle Harbor Room
QSAR Toolbox Training Session (continued)
9:00 AM Training Session for QSAR (continued)
Ovanes Mekenyan
  • Identifying analogues categorization tools
  • Using interaction mechanism and metabolism for grouping chemicals
12:00 AM Lunch (catered)
1:00 PM Training Session for QSAR Application Toolbox
Ovanes Mekenyan
  • Applying data gap filling methods - read-across, trend analysis and QSAR
  • Mechanistic applicability domains
  • Practice and Tutoring
5:00 PM Adjourn