Presentations 2008
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REACH, risk assessment and the need for a change in mind setKees van Leeuwen pptxpdf
A Framework for Building Toxicity Pathways to Complex EndpointsGilman Veithppt pptpdf
Status of the Glutathione Reactivity Database for Skin SensitisationTerry Schultzppt pptpdf
Estimating Human Health Endpoints with the QSAR Application ToolboxOvanes Mekenyanppt pptpdf
Progress Report from the IQF Consortium for Skin Sensitization ModelsMike Comberppt pptpdf
A Visualization Tool for Integrating Complex Toxicity PathwaysHristo Aladjovpptx pptxpdf
Predicting In Vivo Toxicity from In Vitro DataJames McKim IV pptpdf
Overview of Mitochondrial Bioenergetics & Molecular BiologyKendall Wallace pptpdf
Clinical Phenotype of Mitochondrial Disease Charles Hoppel pptpdf
QSAR Features for Inhibitors of Mitochondrial Bioenergetics Anatoly Starkov pptpdf
Mechanisms of Mitochondrial-Mediated Cell Injury Peter O’Brienppt pptpdf
Metabolomic & Molecular Markers of Mitochondrial ToxicityKendall Wallace pptpdf
A Review of QSAR Models for Mitochondrial Effects in BioLoomAlbert Leoppt pptpdf
Discussion of Chemical Targets in MitochondriaGilman Veithppt pptpdf
Delineating Toxicity Pathways for ER Mediated EffectsPatricia Schmieder pptpdf
Focusing on the Adverse Outcomes of ER-mediated PathwaysRodney Johnson pptpdf
Delineating Thyroid-Mediated Toxicity PathwaysMichael Hornung pptpdf
Thyroid-mediated CNS Dysfunction Kevin Croftonppt pptpdf
Thyroid DiscussionDiscussionppt pptpdf
Delineating Toxicity Pathways of Peripheral NeuropathyDavid Herrppt pptpdf
Inhibition and Morphogenic Pathways Involving AChESteve Brimijoinppt pptpdf
Toxicity Pathways Mediated by Ion ChannelsPhilip Bushnellppt pptpdf
Stress PathwaysSteve Simmons pptpdf