Presentations 2006

Strategic Testing in REACH - A Testing Paradigm ShiftKees van LeeuwenPPT PDF
New Approaches in Hazard IdentificationPeter RobinsonPPT PDF
Categories, QSAR and Hazard IdentificationGilman VeithPPT PDF
U.S. EPA Experiences Using Category Approaches Tala HenryPPT PDF
OECD Toolbox for Forming Mechanistic CategoriesOvanes MekenyanPPT PDF
Predicting Estrogen Receptor Binding within CategoriesRick KolanczykPPT PDF
Selective, Nonspecific and Receptor-Based Toxicity Terry SchultzPPT PDF
Narcosis as a Nonspecific Reference for Identifying HazardsGilman VeithPPT PDF
Solubility and Fugacity as Toxicity Baselines Don MackayPPT PDF
Dose-Response for Neurological Effects of Narcotics Philip BushnellPPT PDF
Dose-Response for Reproductive Effects of ER BindersPat SchmiederPPT PDF
Toxicity Pathways as an Organizing ConceptGroup DiscussionPPT PDF
Protein Structure in Molecular Systems Biology David SheehanPPT PDF
Bioinformatics for Large "omic" DatabasesImran ShahPPT PDF
Systems Biology in Small Fish Models Dan VilleneuvePPT PDF
System Biology in Amphibian Models John NicholsPPT PDF
Bridging from Individuals to Populations Matt EttersonPPT PDF
Opportunities for Strategic Planning using Systems Models Gary AnkleyPPT PDF
Classification of Chemicals by Fugacity-Normalized Toxicity Jon ArnotPPT PDF
Hazard Identification using Acute/Chronic Effects RatiosTerry SchultzPPT PDF
Predicting Hazards from Extended FragmentsAl LeoPPT PDF
Defining Reproductive or Neurological HazardsPat SchmiederPPT PDF
Defining Reproductive or Neurological HazardsPhil BushnellPPT PDF
McKim 2007 Combined Presentations Invited Speakers   PDF