Presentations 2006

Understanding the "Why" in Effects Research Gilman Veith PPT  PDF
Plumbing 101 for Rat and Fish ModelsMelvin AndersenPPT PDF
Species Extrapolation with PBPK ModelsKrishnan KannanPPT PDF
New Insecticide Modes of ActionJoel CoatsPPT PDF
The Paradigm Shift in Risk Assessment Steve Bradbury, Kees van Leeuwen PPT PDF
A New Toxicology Testing Paradigm - Meeting Common Needs.Steve BradburyPPT PDF
Water Quality Criteria: Implications for TestingRussell Erickson PPT PDF
Toxicity Pathways to Assessment EndpointsPat SchmiederPPT PDF
The Big Questions for Endocrine DisruptionJohn SumpterPPT PDF
A Systems-Based Approach for the Identification of Toxicity Pathways Associated with the HPG axisGary AnkleyPPT PDF
Designing a QSAR Model for ER bindingPat SchmiederPPT PDF
A Systems Approach to Characterizing and Predicting Thyroid ToxicityMichael HorninigPPT PDF
Narcosis and Baseline ToxicityLarry Brooke, Chihae YangPPT PDF
Report from the Knoxville Reactive Toxicity WorkshopTerry Schultz, Kendall WallacePPT PDF
ECOTOX: A Foundation for ExtrapolationChris RussomPPT PDF
Forming Chemical CategoriesGrace PatlewiczPPT PDF
Predicting Metabolites and Metabolic ActivationSaby DimitrovPPT PDF
Dosimetry in Risk Assessment and a bit MoreMel Andersen, Greg LienPPT PDF
Dose Extrapolation ModelsGreg LeinPPT PDF
Measuring Metabolic Pathways and ActivationRick Kolanczyk, Greg LeinPPT PDF
Metabolism in Bioaccumulation ModelsJohn NicholsPPT PDF
Inhalation Toxicity in Fish and RodentsGilman Veith, Kendall WallacePPT PDF
Read-a-Cross MethodsJoop HermensPPT PDF
Using 'LATENT' Information In Hazard IdentificationAlbert LeoPPT PDF